Why should you trust us?

Each country has its own set of unique professional codes, so why risk being misunderstood? In order to establish a fluid relationship foundation between you and your customers, partners or collaborators, we rely on our cultural heritage and experiences so you in turn avoid any confusion in your exchanges with your interlocutors. Smylingua offers a turnkey solution and we accompany you in your projects from A to Z thanks to a high-end, personalized offer. Develop your company’s international presence today in a relaxed manner.

Our engagement

We believe that your company’s international development shouldn’t be based just on translated communication, but rather on a methodical and cultural approach that leads to tangible results. In order to achieve this, we support your project’s success through three main services:

  • Our tailor-made linguistic support for your company
  • Intercultural tips to succeed on the international market
  • Recruiting services, from headhunting to general HR consulting

Language services

Not only do we provide traditional translation services, but we also offer proofreading, copywriting and *“transcreation” (*a translation that is creatively adapted to your specific target).

In order to provide you with a full range of professional services, our expertise includes a variety of fields and sectors of activity. Consequently, we are specialized in legal translations most notably, but also translations related to all types of target audiences. In addition, we also translate website communication for your e-commerce needs.

Our experienced professional translators are selected according to their native language and they ensure close follow-up along with impressive results.

In addition, we use the latest technologies such as Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and computer-assisted translation software (CAT) to bring you a high-end service at a competitive price.

Intercultural advising

Do you want to promote your company in Germany? Create an important project with your Berlin-based partners? Are your future suppliers, customers or business partners spread out across the globe?

As with any project, it is essential to have the most information as possible at hand. Have you ever wondered how your interlocutors work? How to negotiate with them? How to best communicate with them? How to avoid making mistakes? Do you know their professional and cultural codes?

Since intercultural communication is something that isn’t improvised, Smylingua provides all the advice you need for your future international contracts and we ensure that your operations run smoothly.

HR: Head hunter and international recruitment

Do you want to increase your business in Germany with local collaborators? Are you looking for a Business Development Manager? A multilingual Customer Advisor? A rare international talent?

Our strength lies in our ability to find the right people for your projects. The success of your company also depends on your choice of partners and as a result we accompany you strategically in your international human resources needs.

Do you need advice on certain job titles, labor market information or how to write an attractive job offer? If so, gain an edge on your competitors and trust Smylingua to find the right candidate who is multilingual and at ease with interculturality.



Our strengths


When we commit to a project, we dedicate ourselves to it entirely and we guarantee the best personalized services at a competitive price.


All of our translators and editors are certified, highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. You will be accompanied by someone who understands the ins and outs of a language perfectly.


Our core values are ethical and we believe that quality has its price. We don’t position ourselves on the market as a low-cost service provider, but rather we aim to work in a fair way with our partners, suppliers and customers.

Humans relations

With Smylingua, you won’t be in contact with a chatbot, an algorithm or a simple platform. In the digital age, we still prize human relationships and we want to create one-on-one, customized offers that correspond to your highest expectations.


Because sometimes a question simply can’t wait to be answered, we guarantee responses as soon as possible. You no longer have to worry about putting your company at risk – we’re on your side.


At Smylingua, kindness, consideration and follow-up are extremely important to us. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have: we will examine them in detail and then provide you with the answer you need.

We help you identify your current and future needs to provide you with the most appropriate response in the long term. Together, we will create a language that helps you gain added value for your business as well as for your business partners. By positioning ourselves as a company that understands the real issues and expectations of its interlocutors, we are able to guarantee you a huge competitive advantage.


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