Each country has its own set of unique professional codes, so why risk being misunderstood? In order to establish a fluid relationship foundation between you and your customers, partners or collaborators, we rely on our expertise in digital translation so that you avoid any confusion in your exchanges with your interlocutors.

Smylingua offers a turnkey solution and we accompany you in your projects from A to Z thanks to a high-end, personalized offer. Develop your company’s international presence today in a relaxed manner.

Marketing Translation

We believe that your company’s international development shouldn’t only be based on the translation of your marketing campaigns, but also on an adapted transcript in the market you are targeting.

In order to achieve this, we transcreate your advertising content by both translating and rewriting it. We select the most experienced translators and writers in international marketing from among our collaborators so that they can combine their skills.

We work on all communication supports whether they are online, digital or physical:

  • Showcase or e-commerce websites
  • Blogs
  • E-books / White papers
  • Social media posts
  • E-mailing
  • Brochures, flyers
  • And much more…

Our expertise in SEO Translation

Since your marketing strategy also has a digital presence, we lend you our expertise in natural referencing (SEO) so that your communication perfectly adapts to the requirements and algorithmic evolutions of different search engines.

Our team of expert, multilingual editors analyse the local web exploration behaviours of prospect clients and potential partners who you want to reach. They then produce optimized content that will not only be relevant to your audience, but also to artificial intelligence.

By working with us, you will ensure a high-quality development of your international SEO as well as an important increase in traffic for your online content. The expertise of our specialised SEO translators combined with our latest generation digital tools guarantee an excellent visibility with your target.

Translation of Your Digital Applications

Translating digital applications is critical to building a good user experience (UX). Since they are the core of your automated communication strategy, it is important that the language used be accurately adapted for your target customers.

Our specialized translators regularly intervene in the local porting of mobile applications, chatbots and other digital communication interfaces. We strive to give them the means to stay up to date with new developments in this constantly evolving sector.

Smylingua ensures a quality local conversion that is produced through a detailed quantified analysis of the usage behaviours specific to the country where you want to deliver your applications.

Our Other Services

Smylingua offers a complete range of digital translation services to meet all your needs. Whether you have a one-off need, or you require longer-term support, Smylingua is here to help.

  • Legal and financial translations
  • Medical translations
  • Indesign translations
  • Subtitles
  • Voice over
  • Audio transcriptions
  • Linguistic audits
  • And much more…

Our strengths

Smylingua is a digital translation agency, on a human scale, that has an extensive network of skilled collaborators and partners who can offer you the best services and high-quality results. For this, we rely on the latest MTPE technologies: Machine Translation Post Editing.


We create individual and personalized translation memories that are updated in real-time. We use SDL Trados Studio software, the market leader in TAO software. As a result, we can apply rebates for repetitions, saving you up to 30% on your translation costs.

We work on request with the latest technologies from Neural Machine Translation to offer you the best value for money. Your content is pre-translated by the best machine translation engines on the market and then read and corrected by our specialized translators.

Smylingua supports most of the computer formats on the market today. We support all document formats (e.g. Office, Indesign, etc.), as well as many website or mobile applications such as .string, .pot, .xlif, .yml, .srt, .json, .html etc.


Once you entrust us with your project, we set up a dedicated team to deliver a personalized service that meets your expectations.


All our translators and editors are certified, highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. Your project is entrusted to a collaborator who respects your instructions and does impeccable work for you within the agreed upon deadline.


We convey core values through all of our services such as the respect for confidentiality. We also strive to work ethically with our partners, suppliers and customers.

Humans relations

Smylingua isn’t a simple platform. In the digital age, we still prize human relationships and we want to create one-on-one, customized offers that correspond to your way of working as well as your highest expectations.


Because sometimes a question simply can’t wait to be answered, we guarantee responses as soon as possible. We also ensure that we collaborate closely with you throughout the project.


At Smylingua, kindness, consideration and follow-up are extremely important to us. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have: we will examine each one in detail and then provide you with the answer you need.

We help you identify your current and future needs to provide you with the most appropriate response in the long-term. Together, we will create a language that helps you gain added value for your business, as well as for your business partners.

After we have completed our mission, we will provide you with a translation memory and a glossary of all the analogies we used to accurately transcribe your communication.

By positioning ourselves today as a company that understands the real issues and expectations of its interlocutors, we are able to guarantee you a huge competitive advantage.


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