Successful marketing in France: La Rentrée

You should not miss this big event in France. Especially if your company is active in France, the Rentrée can be used as a great marketing strategy. In the following we will give you tips on how to make the Rentrée a complete success for you and your company.   

But what is the Rentrée?  

La Rentrée in France refers to the period from late August to early September. The grandes vacances, i.e. the long school holidays which last from July to August, come to an end and the new academic year begins. The Rentrée is a first-class social event in France with special activities in politics, economy and culture 

Many shops, such as department store chains, use the Rentrée as an opportunity to conduct special sales promotions. In the cultural sphere, the opening of the theatre and exhibition season coincides with the Rentrée season. 

Correct planning  

It pays to plan a good marketing strategy for the Rentrée well in advance. Depending on the area in which your company is active, there are various marketing strategies that can be implemented 

  • Marketing campaigns   
  • Online advertising  
  • Advertising on social networks  
  • Advertising at events  
  • Flyers, information brochures  
  • Discount campaigns  
  • Email Newsletter  
  • And much more 

Correct implementation  

Especially when doing business abroad, it is important to have a good communication strategy. When communicating with your French business partners, it can be useful to rely on the help of translation experts. This guarantees professionalism and prevents misunderstandings.   

The translation of marketing campaigns should also be done by experts. Especially when translating advertising messages, it is important to adapt them to the cultural characteristics of the target language 

Furthermore, it is important to have a good SEO strategy for online marketing campaigns that are translated. This means that the translated campaigns are adapted to keywords in order to have a good ranking in Internet search engines. This allows you to increase the visibility of your company and thus generate more traffic to your website 

More tips for social media  

Especially with social media it is important to post appealing pictures with quotations or sayings that are adapted to the respective target culture. However, these are often not at hand when you need them 

So, take advantage of a quiet moment this summer to collect and write down some ideas in advance. Quotations that correspond to your activity or values are best suited. Created together with your logo, your name or your graphic charter, they will help to spread your company image in a professional way.   

It may also be helpful to contact a translation agency. They have the quality methods and knowledge to manage your entire marketing campaign, ensuring that the content is adapted to the target country and corresponds to its culture 

Smylingua is a professional translation agency specialising in the following services: 

  • Marketing translation, whose principle is not only based on the translation of your advertising content. Our experts, who have extensive experience in international marketing, will also take care of its revision. Regardless of the type of medium (physical, digital or online), we guarantee efficiency and quality for your website, flyers, brochures, emailing, etc.  
  • Expertise in SEO translation, which will enable you to greatly increase the number of visitors to your websites and thus raise your international coverage. By constantly updating the algorithms of the main search engines, SEO specialists adapt to the latest developments to ensure you good visibility on the Internet.  
  • Translation of digital applications specifically designed to improve your communication strategy. Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail to achieve personalised local conversions, considering the usage behaviour of the target customers.  
  • Complete digital translation services, from legal translations to sworn translations, audio transcriptions, language audits, subtitling and more.  

Smylingua also provides you with a team of qualified project managers who will guide you step by step through the management of your complex projects. We take care of all the necessary steps to ensure the high-quality development of your international communication 

For further information, please contact us by e-mail at or call us on +33 176 43 32 76.   


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