Why should you use the services of a translation agency 

Good communication is essential for the successful management of a company. The perfect management of your translation projects is essential for successful international expansion. Efficient and high-qualitative management allows you to exceed your customers’ expectations and thus strengthen their loyalty. In this article, you will find out why it is advisable to use a translation agency such as Smylingua and learn more about the various advantages of the services offered by translation agencies. 

Why outsource translation work 

First of all, remember that it is not enough to be bilingual to call yourself a translator. Indeed, most translators go through years of study in specialized schools and have many years of training and experience. We therefore advise you not to simply ask a bilingual employee or colleague for financial or legal translations. They are not specialised in such translations and often do not know the relevant technical terms, which can lead to mistakes. It is better to hire translation agencies that specialize in this field 

Another way to translate documents is to use machine translation software. However, using even the most powerful CAT tools available today often reveals many errors. Missing, incorrect or misplaced words can lead to misunderstandings about the content of the document. Especially serious errors are perceived as unprofessional and can damage the reputation of your company. It is therefore advisable to turn to professional translators who can deliver high-quality translation work.

The different types of professionals  

Today, with the advance of globalization, it is important to communicate in a variety of languages, regardless of the industry your company operates in. However, especially when expanding abroad, managing a translation project is not always easy. There are two different options 

  • Use of a freelance translator 
  • Using a translation agency like Smylingua  

The freelance translator is able to provide satisfactory work in the field of individual translations. In general, however, his services only concern the translation of documents. If the work is limited to this, you can use the services of this type of professional. It should be noted, however, that they do not necessarily have the management skills required for the implementation of a major project. 

Advantages of a translation agency  

No matter how complex the translation project in question is, if you turn to an agency specialized in this field, the documents delivered will meet your expectations. A team of experts is at your disposal, each member covering specific fields of expertise. As the project is managed from A to Z, you can be sure that the translated documents contain all the information included in the original documents. For this reason, it is often preferable to rely on a specialised translation agency such as Smylingua. 

Good knowledge of the subject matter is essential in order to meet customer expectations and to adapt the documents to be translated to the cultural characteristics of the target language. Professional translators ensure that the work is flawless, whether it is general, legal, or financial translations. Thanks to their writing skills, they respect the syntax and style of the original text. If you provide your customers or partners with a sophisticated yet easily readable and error-free translated text, you will certainly improve your company’s image. 

Extensive offers   

Do you have documents or materials to be translated into several languages? Do not hesitate to use the services of a professional translation agency. The translators at your disposal are ready to do the job as quickly as possible, whatever the language you require is: 

  • Legal translation French-English 
  • Translation English-Spanish 
  • German-French SEO adapted translation 
  • Translation Arabic-French 
  • Etc.  

The quality of the translation is guaranteed when the task is entrusted to a company specialising in this field. The professionals employed work in their mother tongue or in a language they have studied and practised for several years. They are therefore able to translate your documents adapted to the local language and thus meet the expectations of your clients.  

To ensure that the files delivered meet your expectations, nothing is left to chance. No matter what your linguistic needs are, when you turn to a specialised translation agency, the quality of the translations is always up to date. In fact, the translator assigned to the documents and/or media to be processed is generally specialised in the field in question (finance, marketing, law, tourism, etc.) 

Other advantages you can benefit from  

By entrusting the translation of your documents to professional translators, you are guaranteed quality and efficiency, whatever the medium is. The translation agency you have chosen for your work guarantees that your entire project will be a great success.   

In addition, translation companies such as Smylingua also offer you a wide range of other services such as copywriting, SEO, interpreting, voice-over, and subtitling. We also take care of proofreading your documents if you have delegated the translation work to a colleague or relative. The expert to whom this task is given is responsible for ensuring that the information is understood correctly and that the translated versions are understandable and adapted to the target language. 


Before submitting your project to a translation company, you should first prepare all the specific instructions. This will make it easier for your contact person to handle your requests and provide a dedicated team. The clearer the instructions and information about the project, the better the quality of the work 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today by email at contact@smylingua.com or call us directly on +33 1 76 43 32 76. 


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