blog-recrutementA few years ago, the outsourcing of recruitment was a last-minute solution. The evolution of the job market and new techniques of recruitment have changed our relationship with outsourced recruitment. Now, recruiters like RPO are part of the company’s long-term strategic approach.

This is why many frameworks adopt RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, a partnership with outsourced recruitment agents.


A few years ago, recruitment was mostly done by companies who set their networks in motion and used existing channels such as “job boards”, little announcements, and other interim agencies. They posted an announcement online on a recruitment site using these channels, but extended their approach by using sourcing, that is to say by going to the source in order to find potential candidates, rather than waiting for them to come to them. Sourcing corresponds to searching for profiles on social media sites for professionals such as LinkedIn, but also by using HR marketing polities, for example.

Also, RPO’s have techniques for making adapted employment announcements. The closer the outsourced recruiter is to the company, the more aware of its values he or she will be, and he or she will be able to adapt recruitment policies in order to find the adapted candidate. Evidently, recruitment is not only about finding a candidate who has the required professional competencies, but a candidate that is compatible with the company’s values and culture, so that recruitment can be a positive and lasting investment.


RPO’s naturally have a contact database because they have several clients, and they also have relationships with potential candidates for job posts that need to be filled.

On top of that, recruitment companies will contact numerous candidates and talk to them about your company. Even if they won’t all be selected, they are professionals with whom first contact has been made for your future projects. RPOs stay in touch with these candidates, and therefore, by growing their network, they also grow your company’s network.

Reducing Cost and Time

Calling up an RPO therefore creates a partnership with a company or a recruiting agent who will take care of all of your company’s recruiting needs. If the number of positions to be filled is substantial and constant, this will assure economies of scale that first address the companies’s needs in order not to increase fixed recruitment costs in a specific economic landscape.

RPO techniques just as often end up saving the company time. Actually, they use particular methods to optimize the procedure, and you won’t have to mobilize any of the company’s employees.


Finally, an outsourced recruiter who doesn’t work for the company will have a clear head and be completely objective when it comes to the company’s needs. Outsourced recruiters don’t have political or emotional interests in the process.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the advantages of outsourced recruiting. Read our article about Which positions are strategic to hire for in order to further your knowledge of the subject (or reinforce it!).

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