377x220-blog-languageA number of companies wish to develop their business on an international scale. They are hindered rather quickly when facing the difficulty of exporting outside of their borders. Taking over a foreign territory is not, in fact, something easy because it requires a certain expertise.
In this article, we give you three precious pieces of advice to carry out your project.


Adapt Your Offer or Product

Establishing yourself in a new country requires extensive knowledge of the foreign market. You can’t go in blindly without running the risk of skipping an important step, and in doing so, impacting the company’s image and figures. Also, in order to have your best advantage, the offer or the service that you are providing will need to be adjusted based on consumer expectations in the country and sometimes even in the region. In order to do this, market research is the first step to take. You will have to get to know your clients and prospects. Who are they? How and where do they consume products? In what way? For example, will the offer or product that you are providing be equally attractive in the German market as it is in the French one? Ask yourself the good questions and go find the answers directly in the field.

The most conclusive example is surely that of McDonald’s. This fast-food giant’s success wouldn’t be such without an international implementation strategy that was just as flexible. The American company has taken each country’s culinary specificities into consideration. In Turkey, you can find the McTurco, which has burger ingredients inside kebab bread, and in Germany, the Das Nürnburger, a burger that is made out of sausages.

Personalize your Marketing

Of course, on top of the purely business aspect, a localized digital marketing strategy that is well thought out and worked on will allow you to make yourself known and to valorize your company’s image. It’s an aspect that you really can’t neglect when exporting your brand to another country.

Assuring a digital presence is crucial in our day and age. But, don’t worry, you won’t be starting from zero. Your website can easily be translated with the help of a professional translator who knows the language’s subtleties. As for social media, you already have something to work with if you already have company accounts. Facebook, for example, allows you to directly translate your page’s content into several languages. But, be careful, based on the content that you share and the strategy that you are employing it may be necessary to create new social media accounts that are explicitly in the target language.

All of your campaigns must also be in harmony with the country’s culture. The keywords for your  Adwords campaign must be selected with precision, the country’s specific search engines will operate, and the content will be adapted both in text and in image.

Surround Yourself with Qualified Experts

And, because Rome was not built in a day, the golden rule to follow is to know how to surround yourself with the right people! Establishing yourself in a new country, alone, without any true knowledge of the country would pretty much doom you to failure.

Try to go find local stakeholders who can test things out, exchange, and share things about their work methods and the current market. Nowadays, thanks to professional social networks, to associations who promote get-togethers, and even with after-work events and other things of the like, it is easy to start a dialogue.
You should also surround yourselves with qualified experts, whether they be freelancers, consultants, translators, and even coaches, as talents are varied and all complement each other. So, don’t be scared of investing, of taking risks, and of moving forward, as this will benefit you in every way.

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