Why should you entrust your web editing to Smylingua?  

In the context of the development of new technologies, the Internet has become indispensable in all areas. The strategy for marketing content must be cleverly developed to attract more customers and increase sales. Consequently, it is necessary to optimise the visibility of your website on the various search engines. In the following we will show you how to develop an efficient online marketing strategy with the help of experts. 

Advantages of using a professional translator   

As you know, content marketing requires a certain amount of specific know-how. For this reason, it is not recommended to entrust the tasks to a newcomer. To attract the attention of Internet users and convince them that your services are of high quality, it is important to:   

  • Find interesting topics  
  • Know how to play with words and thus publish attractive articles  
  • Master SEO techniques 

A decent web editor can increase the visibility of your website on Google and thus generate more traffic. If you use the services of an SEO expert, you will benefit from additional advantages:  

  • Optimal time savings while ensuring that the articles delivered and published are relevant and SEO-compliant. You can then concentrate on the tasks you specialize in, such as running your business.  
  • You will have articles that are pleasant to read and meaningful. You can convince potential customers to trust you. A professional web editor can write articles that are intended to arouse the interest of the reader.  
  • Extend your reach because, in general, Internet users evaluate the quality of your services based on the presentation on your website and the published content. When you turn to a professional web editor, you improve the image of your company. 

Tips for increasing your visibility  

It is important to know the specific SEO techniques that will allow you to increase the visibility of your website. 

How do you get SEO-optimized content?  

Your objective when using the services of a web editor is, of course, to increase the traffic on your website. For this reason, it is essential to improve your positioning in search engines. When you contact the Smylingua team, you can be sure that SEO-optimized content is at your disposal. Discover below some of the most important criteria to consider, knowing that search engine algorithms are constantly evolving:  

The meta title, also called title tag is probably the most important SEO criterion. It is in fact the most visible element of the website on search engines. For a correct display, whether on a mobile phone or a PC, it is desirable that you title does not exceed 65 characters.

The meta description, an HTML tag for indexing the page on Google, should contain the main keyword for SEO. The aim is to give an overview of the content of the article in a few words, as the length is usually limited to 160 characters. 

The editorial title, also known as H1 tag, must be structured in such a way that it attracts the attention of the Internet user and is SEO optimized at the same time. The same applies to H2-, H3- subtitles and so on. It is preferable to integrate the keywords as much as possible without making the final presentation of the article more cumbersome.  

Keywords should be defined according to the topics covered. For this purpose, there are special tools that are specifically designed to define the main and secondary questions to be preferred. These keywords will be integrated naturally into the title and body of the article, but in accordance with the rules imposed by Google. 

How can the reader’s interest be aroused?   

First, the meta-description of the article should focus on the five essential questions: who, what, when, why and where? This way you will immediately attract the reader’s attention. Second, the objective of a web editor is to get the reader to read the article to the end. To do this, he or she must consider three essential points:   

  • Write a relevant and appealing text  
  • Get to the point by avoiding the repetition of ideas  
  • Provide an article that is pleasant to read and grammatically correct  

In the main body of the text, it is important to pay attention to the editorial style in order to achieve attractive content. The same applies to the tone used, which is generally indicated in the editorial line of the platform or in the instructions given. To make reading easier, it is necessary to write important words in bold. Finally, the choice of visual material should not be taken lightly in order to attract the attention of the Internet user and ensure a pleasant reading experience. 

Why contact Smylingua  

The translation agency was founded in 2017 by Melanie Krause and specializes in SEO translations and web writing. It has a team of experts with many years of experience in a specific sector. With the services offered by Smylingua’s web editors, you can be sure that you will benefit from increased visibility for your website or blog. In fact, the SEO specialised translators have a perfect command of the various techniques required to produce quality articles. You can also be sure that the specifications you give them will be respected. 

In order to perfectly meet your expectations, the web editors at your disposal have the necessary skills to guarantee flawless work. They take the time to study the candidates’ files and evaluate the level of the selected ones by conducting tests. Thanks to this efficient recruitment process, which is carried out according to strict rules, Smylingua can pride itself on having the best professional translators. The people you will be working with, not only have a pleasant, easy-to-read style, but also have the necessary knowledge of HTML.   

On the other hand, you benefit from long-term support to ensure a tailor-made marketing strategy that is geared to increase your company’s sales. The web editors who are responsible for supplying your platform are very familiar with the topics you want to cover. They are also able to offer you articles that can be published on social networks through your professional accounts. All you must do is express your wishes and we will accommodate you in every way.  

For more information and if you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at contact@smylingua.com  or call us on +33 1 76 43 32 76. 


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