Our tips on how to run a successful business despite Covid-19

The most important thing in the tourism industry, is the satisfaction of the guests. The more satisfied the guests, the better the rating of your hotel or restaurant, the more customers tend to come. To make sure you are perfectly prepared for the summer after the crisis, we give you a few tips in the following which you should definitely take into account 

Especially in times of crisis a trouble-free process is essential to guarantee the satisfaction and safety of your guests. It is important that your guests feel comfortable and still follow the new rules without perceiving them as restrictive. In order to guarantee a seamless experience, it is helpful to use signs and information boards. Since many guests come from other countries and COVID-19 may have changed your target audience, it is of great advantage to communicate in as many languages as possible. This helps to prevent misunderstandings. Especially in times of crisis, it is important to stand together and protect yourself properly to avoid worse.   

Now more than ever it is important to inform your guests about safety measures and distance rules. It makes sense to observe a few rules so that you do not unnecessarily mislead your guests. 

Your signs and texts should therefore have the following characteristics:  

  • Error-free   
  • Qualitatively translated  
  • Easy to understand   
  • Space-saving & concisely formulated  
  • Up to date  

Often one is not even aware of the problem potential oneself, since one is not dependent on signs and knows what to do. Too many signs and placed in the wrong places can rather be confusing than providing clarity. Therefore, your information aids, be they signs, arrows, painted orientation aids, information boards and stickers, should be attached in a thoughtful manner. Useful information on the following topics is best provided in several languages: 

  • Restricted access  
  • Age restrictions  
  • Fire Safety Instructions  
  • Parking instructions   
  • Orientation  
  • Opening hours 

At times of COVID-19, not only your guests but also your staff must observe certain hygiene and distance rules.   

We have listed a few examples of signs here:  

Personnel Hygiene  

  • Wash your hands before starting to work, between different work steps and after each visit to the toilet, to ensure hand hygiene  
  • Drop jewellery and watch  
  • Wear non-slip shoes and headgear  
  • Only enter the kitchen with clean work clothes  
  • Implementation of regular hygiene training courses on food hygiene 

Food Hygiene  

  • Wash meat before roasting 
  • Cool food waste e.g. in the confiscate cooler  
  • Storage of food only at prescribed temperatures   
  • Destroy spoiled food  
  • Do not put signs in food  
  • Check food for pests 

Just as with the signs for your guests, you must also ensure that these safety instructions are available in several languages, especially if you employ personnel from abroad.   

In order to provide a quality translation without any mistakes, we advise you not to use a simple word-for-word translation. A better alternative is transcreation, which pays attention to linguistic differences between the different languages when translating. 

>> For more information on this topic, you are welcome to read our article on Tourism Industry – Important tips to avoid embarrassing yourself with a wrong translation!  

Our translation agency, Smylingua, employs exclusively bilingual or multilingual translators and interpreters who will take care of your orders and requests. We can therefore guarantee you professional translations that are adapted to the particularities of the different languages 

Another way to provide your guests with information is through barrier-free communication.   

You can use:   

  • mobile applications   
  • POI information via Bluetooth  
  • Added scancodes   

to inform your guests contactless.   

By providing easily accessible information on various topics in several languages, the quality of your guestsstay can be increased. The higher the customer satisfaction, the better your rating and more guests tend to come.   

Smylingua will also be happy to help you in this area. We have specialised in the translation of mobile applications and apps 

Contact your translation agency of trust today. Our team is waiting to take care of your documents. Whether you want to translate your hygiene signs, or your summer offers, as well as menus. We take care of every request. Smylingua is at your service and will advise you in detail about your projects to be translated. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or call us at +33 176 43 32 76.


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