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Do you want to expand your business internationally and diversify your sources of income? There are many important criteria that need to be taken into account, which are primarily based on communication, in order to develop a strategy for success. In this digital age, it is essential to provide your customers and partners with documents in their native language. Therefore, it is advisable to entrust the translation work to a professional translation agency. In this article, you can discover why you should definitely use the services offered by Smylingua. 

About Smylingua 

The digital translation agency was founded in 2017 by Melanie Krause, a foreign language lover of German origin. Her aim is to offer companies professional, high-quality translations in any language: for example, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, or Italian. The language experts who make up the team are evaluated after a series of tests to determine their actual skills. 

Rely on excellent quality  

Do you want to expand internationally? Contact our digital translation agency. This way you can be sure that your brand image will be enriched by personalized messages adapted to the cultural specifics of each language. The translation experts at Smylingua have mastered the most efficient IT tools, which are constantly improving, such as MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing), to guarantee efficient and high-quality translations 

To stay ahead of the competition, Smylingua has a complete network of experienced staff with proven skills in specific areas. Thanks to the team that is at your disposal throughout the implementation of your translation project, a magnificent international marketing campaign is guaranteed. 

In addition, you benefit from efficient time saving when translating your documents and files. By entrusting the work to a team of qualified translators, the translation time is significantly reduced. It is noteworthy that this guarantees consistency in terms of style and terminology.  

The management of a multilingual project should be entrusted to a competent project manager. In addition to the quality of the translations, project management is of decisive importance for the successful implementation of the translation project. It is far from sufficient to entrust medical, legal, or financial translation work to colleagues who speak several foreign languages. In order to guarantee the efficient running of the project, many parameters must be taken into account and each step must be carefully thought through. Smylingua provides you with a project manager who applies a qualitative approach to guarantee a high-quality result. 

The services we offer to you  

Are you planning to sell your services or products abroad? Relying on Smylingua means receiving tailor-made support for all kinds of multilingual communication projects. Find out more about the services offered by our translation agency, which specialises in the digital sector:  

  • Marketing translation, whose principle is not based solely on the translation of your advertising content. Our experts, who have extensive experience in international marketing, will also take care of its adaptation. Regardless of the type of medium (physical, digital or online) that you use, you will be very satisfied with the results
  • Expertise in SEO translation that will allow you to greatly increase the traffic on your websites and thus increase your international visibility. By constantly updating the algorithms of the main search engines, SEO specialists adapt your website to the latest developments in order to guarantee you good visibility on the Internet. 
  • Translation of digital applications specifically designed to improve your communication strategy. Everything has been thought out to the smallest detail in order to achieve personalized local conversion, taking into account the usage behavior of the target customers. 
  • Complete digital translation services, from legal translations to audio transcriptions, language audits, subtitling, and much more.
  • Smylingua also provides you with a team of qualified project managers who will guide you step by step through the management of your complex projects. We take care of all the necessary steps to ensure the qualitative development of your international communication. 

If your brochures, flyers, or news are to be published on social networks in several languages, the task is not limited to the translation of the content. The targeted socio-cultural environment needs to be studied in depth to respect the cultural habits of the concerned country. Transcreation is the best way to do this. Also known as cultural adaptation, transcreation is mainly used in the advertising industry. The certified translator adapts the content of the text or advertising message to the culture of the target country in order to attract the attention of the target audience and encourage potential customers to contact your company. 

Benefit from long-term support  

Whatever your need for support is, one-off or long-term, Smylingua provides you with competent services that meet your requirements. Long-term cooperation requires trust and a long-term approach, whereby daily efficiency gains can be achieved. The exchange of information is improved, resulting in an automated workflow. This makes it easier to standardise document management, regardless of file size or complexity.  

Thanks to the wide range of services offered by Smylingua, you are in good hands. A team of experts will accompany you throughout your multilingual translation process. Translated materials are adapted to your project and take into account the culture of the target market. The habits, codes, and customs of the countries are thoroughly researched when translating the documents into the targeted language so that we can develop a successful communication strategy for you.  

For further information, please contact us by e-mail at or call us directly on +33 1 76 43 32 76. 


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