Knowledge transfer in the age of digitalisation   

You ask yourself, what is e-learning actually? We would be happy to help you with a short definition 

E-Learning is the short form of Electronic Learning which is also called E-Learning. It refers to all forms of learning that are supported by electronic or digital media, whether for the presentation and distribution of learning materials or to support interpersonal communication. 

There are many different terms, all of which can be summarised under e-learning:  

  • Telelearning / Teleteaching  
  • Multimedia learning  
  • Open and distance learning   
  • Online learning  
  • E-learning  
  • Computer-based training  
  • Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning 

The term e-learning is very broad. It includes all possible forms of knowledge dissemination and all materials or tools that make digital learning possible. Educational apps, forums, chats, online documents such as PDFs or e-papers, but also explanatory films are included, as well as classic online training, so-called web-based training.   

Due to the ever-increasing digitalisation, the spectrum of e-learning offers is constantly expanding, as is the number of users who make use of e-learning. The offers now range from online cooking courses, online language courses, online training, online yoga courses to online fitness courses. There are no limits to creativity. Of course, not every topic is suitable for every type of e-learning. In addition, you should always make sure that you know your target market exactly and that your offer is perfectly adapted to it. 

Tips for creating e-learning materials 

As a first step, it makes sense to analyse your target group and work out the specific characteristics. This enables you to identify the knowledge and skills required for e-learning and to adapt these to your target group. It also makes it easier for you to set learning objectives and a general structure and to narrow down the topics to be covered 

For the successful design of e-learning content, the design of your content is particularly important. Interest should be aroused, and the e-learning units should be flexible in terms of time, as the high flexibility and autonomous learning are great advantages of e-learning.   

It is also important to be clear about the form the e-learning materials should have. The possibilities range from videos, step-by-step explanations of the content, or case studies for independent discovery to simulated dialogues. 

Using storyboards, concepts or ideas can be visualized in a more understandable way. Storyboards allow you to better plan layout templates, user interfaces, content flow, and planned interactions 

Depending on whether you work in an international environment, it can be a great advantage over the competitors to offer the content of your e-learning courses in several languages 

You should be aware of the different language and dialect variations as well as social, political, cultural, and historical differences. 

Smylingua is a multicultural translation agency specializing in transcreation. This means that our employees, the most experienced translators, and authors, not only translate your content but also adapt it to the changing cultural conditions and contexts in different countries. Whether it’s online yoga courses, online fitness courses, online language courses, online cooking courses, or any other project you want to translate, the best thing is to enlist the help of professionals.   

You can request the translation and support of your entire e-learning project directly through Smylingua or you can translate individual jobs using the Smylingua Marketplace platform 

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