Professional translation of media and sites, is essential for any company wishing to expand internationally or that is looking to improve its communication abroad. Whether it is written or orally, this discipline demands perfect knowledge of technical terms related to the subject as well as an excellent facility for writing and formatting content. Contact your translation agency.

Looking for translation agency in London capable of transcribing every single one of your values as well as to render your most innovating communication media supports more appealing?

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How to spot a good translation agency in London?

A multimedia support translation agency has to be multimedia supportive in order to help you reach out to all profiles of interest for your company. Its functions are not limited to a basic translation of your content. In fact, the social and socio-cultural aspect of the target audience will allow you to transcribe your ideas with accuracy and by using the correct terms.

The transcription company in London will rely on the experience and expertise of each of its translators. Well-organized, the company has proofreaders who will systematically check different types of works and validate the written work of the native translators, that is, those originating from the country of the target language.

Tasks are priced on the basis of an estimate and the amount for the service is known precisely before it is accepted. This amount is generally not high as different translation methods are offered.

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What should the purpose of a transcription agency in London be? To remain faithful to the content that is being entrusted, to keep the original message and to transmit precisely the same information. This way of operating is ideal and proves to be essential for the support of any company that wishes to expand internationally while maintaining its values as well as their company’s culture.

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What are the tasks of a translation agency in London?

The Interpretation and translation society in the London area offers its skills for the carrying out of various works:

o marketing translation, legal and financial;

o translation of InDesign documents;

o sworn translation;

o Linguistic audit

o digital translation with selection of the right keywords, adjustment of content, etc.

o audio transcriptions, voice-overs and subtitles.

Focused on new strategies and completely understanding the needs of VSEs and SMEs, the translation agency in London assists managers in the management of their projects. International communication is carried out according to fixed dates agreed upon in advance. As a result, the target audience is addressed at the right time and with the right words.

Why is it preferable to contact the same translation agency for all of these supports? The creation of a translation memoire ensures continuity. Translators respect precise linguistic codes and thus ensure the quality and value of your supports abroad.

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What are the best qualities to look for in a translation agency in London?

By working with numerous collaborators and partners from all over the world, this specialized agency in London makes sure that every language and every dialect is perfectly understood and transcribed. By establishing strong partnerships, this translation agency in London succeeds to fulfill each and every one of its client’s needs. Our translators have an extensive linguistic knowledge as well as a solid academic background in the subject of translation.

With the help of CAT software (Computer Aided Translation) as well as that of SDL Trados Studio software, the translation agency can create an individual memoire for each one of their clients which evolves according to the written or oral texts being prepared. Research takes place in order to fully understand the targeted country’s culture, taking into consideration its mindset as well as their consumer habits.

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To ensure that all requirements are met, the London translation agency offers to pre-translate the content using the highest rated machine translation systems and then to proofread and correct each one before handing it over to the client. This solution, based on the Neural Machine translation, Neural Machine translation, guarantees speed of execution and a good quality/price ratio.

What is an automatic translation?

This method of translation takes part by using the most advanced technologies, more specifically AI (Artificial Intelligence). The main goal is to achieve high quality translations in short periods of time. The results are efficient since the translation is accurate and simply requires careful proofreading to check the terminology. This system also provides the possibility of creating a glossary and keeping track of the vocabulary used.

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Translation by an experienced professional

the London based company establishes priorities and commits to real teamwork in order to carry out each project successfully. It is by combining skills that project managers guarantee the success of each project and motive thanks to their choice of arguments.

Who to turn to In London for a successful translation assignment?

Should you need to have written or oral communication material translated, make sure that your translation agency in the London area is able to work on all existing digital formats without exceptions. This will allow you to entrust it with material from all continents and in all fields.

Choose a company that knows how to stay by your side and assist you at every stage of your project. Confidentiality is obviously a major issue. You should be able to trust and share certain secrets: for example, in the case of a translation of information for a product not yet released on the market or buy-out business contracts. Each piece of data must be protected.

Finding a translation agency in London that is responsive, experienced and always ready to listen is what truly matters. By keeping a single contact person such as the project manager, every client benefits from the opportunity to express their opinion at all times.

Smylingua agency, as in Smile + My + Lingua, is an agency operating on a human scale, which brings together passionate, dynamic people who are always ready to intervene on a project. The different teams work together to minimize delays and save you precious time. Interested in finding out about the different methods and guarantees provided by this agency? A charter of quality specifies the constraints and obligations of translators, proofreaders and project managers.

What areas does Smylingua translation cover?

Numerous business sectors may one day need a faithful translation of documents or media. Mainly the following:

• commerce and e-commerce wishing to adapt their flyers, packaging, product catalogue, marketing documents, site content, mobile applications, etc. for one or more foreign countries;
• industry wishing to have annual reports, technical files, product manuals and guarantees translated into different languages;
• associations or public figures wishing to make themselves known around the world by using video communication to persuade and make a good impression;
• Journalists wishing to have press reports, presentation files or documents relating to a case translated;
• lawyers, jurists or law enforcement officers requiring assistance with the translation of legal files, testimony, affidavits, etc;
A sensible choice for individuals

Clients of the sworn translation company in London may be professionals or private individuals. In fact, a letter received can present a problem. Assistance may be welcome in drafting an official document, a request to the public prosecutor or an embassy…

If you would like to contact the London translation agency, simply use the online contact form or call the number provided. An advisor will guide you so that you can benefit from personalized and tailor-made services

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Trade and fluid relations

Smylingua’s ready-to-use solution allows you to peacefully experience your international growth. You don’t have to manage the development of your project alone! All exchanges are made from London to encourage each and every interaction with your contacts. This way, you will be supported in every approach you take towards your associates, clients and prospects, and your relationships will remain solid and well established.

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The long-standing expertise of our translators and interpreters, guarantees the fluidity of communication and a good understanding of our professional partners.

Book an appointment in just two clicks to obtain further information. Begin planning your international development with your translation agency based in the heart of London.

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