Why high-quality translation is essential for successful international development  

Many companies are planning to enter the international market in order to increase their sales. For the realization of a successful project, the establishment of an effective action plan is necessary, as is a qualitative team of consultants. In the following article, we will give you tips and explain how to proceed in order to expand successfully abroad 

Why is it worthwhile to expand internationally?  

Nowadays, foreign trade is the most important development factor that most managers rely on. The number of companies in Europe that export abroad continues to grow every year. These encouraging statistics will certainly experience a steady increase in the coming years. Why not take advantage of this improvement in the balance of trade in goods and services to think about international development?   

The importance of a good international communication strategy  

Do you want to expand successfully abroad? It is worth mentioning that a high-quality translation is the best way to establish good relations with foreign customers. It is very simple! The aim is to demonstrate and strengthen the feeling of closeness between you and your target audience. Therefore, effective communication with your partners, customers, or suppliers is based on certain specific criteria:  

  • The translation of physical and digital media must be entrusted to a professional translator, preferably a native speaker. The latter is best able to understand the intricacies of the language. In addition, a trained translator has in-depth knowledge in his or her field of expertise. The translation of legal texts from English into French is not, in fact, carried out in the same way as financial texts or other specialized translations. 
  • Customer satisfaction is important to ensure increased customer loyalty. By providing information that is easy to read and pleasant to look at, the products and services you offer will become known more quickly. In fact, with a professional quality translation, you can be sure to reach a maximum number of people. By having your website translated, you gain credibility, as the aim is to break down cultural and language barriers. 
  • The choice of partners is crucial for the introduction of the products and services you offer. To ensure good publicity, the design of spots, posters, and flyers must be in line with your company’s identity. Entrusting your marketing campaigns to a certified translator is the key to success. On the other hand, a transcription adapted to the target market is recommended. Your advertising content will not only be simply translated but also rewritten to address the reader in a more targeted manner. 

It is important to choose the most effective international communication strategy. A strategy based on standardization is not recommended. It is based on the same communication that is disseminated in all target countries. The result is that linguistic and cultural differences are not considered. Regarding the adaptation strategy, it consists, as the name suggests, in creating personalized communication that is appropriate to the culture and specificities of the target language. For optimum time savings, you must rely on an adapted standardization, which is a combination of the two strategies mentioned above. 

Let experts advise you 

To ensure the success of your project, several aspects must be examined in detail, from the preparation phase to the development of a marketing strategy. To stand out from the competition, it is advisable to outsource the most complex tasks. Contact a translation agency that offers personalized services. The translation specialists who will manage your project will accompany you throughout your project. This guarantees that your international strategy is perfectly adapted to your field of activity and the target country. 

When you turn to a translation agency like Smylingua, your project is in good hands. We translate your brochures, flyers, or websites. However, our tasks are not limited to the translation of the text content or the advertising message. It is important for us to adapt your translation work to the culture of the target country. For this reason, the translation experts at your disposal are carefully selected according to their knowledge of the respective socio-cultural environment 

For further information, please contact us by e-mail at contact@smylingua.com or call us directly at +33 1 76 43 32 76. 


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