Online translation agencies: why you can’t do without them  

In the international expansion of new markets and businesses, the development of a good communication strategy is essential in order to operate successfully outside the domestic market. In fact, there are many important criteria to consider depending on the target country as well as the culture and habits of the different population groups. Below you can read why you should make use of the services offered by Smylingua in order to be successful abroad.   

Steps to success  

To successfully promote your international expansion, it is best to entrust Smylingua with your translation work. Our team is responsible for developing a good communication strategy. For this purpose, 4 steps must be followed:   

Analysis of the communication objectives   

For international communication it is advantageous to use message standardization. This can save you a considerable amount of time. If necessary, the translation experts at Smylingua will correct the content of the translated files. They will take care to adapt them to the cultural specifics of the target country. It is essential to adapt the messages to the market situation, especially if the market is in its start-up phase.   

Analyse target market   

When standardizing messages (in flyers and brochures, for posts on social media or others) or information to be presented on your website, many criteria must be considered:   

  • The different generations addressed (age differences must be considered)   
  • Income according to the age range of the target groups  
  • Cultural differences   

The right way to transmit messages  

The right marketing strategy is not always easy to choose. It can therefore be advantageous to trust experts who know the sales market perfectly. These experts know the legal framework in the country concerned and are therefore very familiar with, for example, sworn translations or legal translations. In addition, the translation experts consider the preferences of the target audience and the availability of the various approved means of communication. Indeed, in some countries, certain means of communication are prohibited by law. For example, television advertising is prohibited for sales groups.   

Choosing the right communication method   

This step mainly concerns the design of the messages. Whether for flyers and brochures or for commercials, the decisive factor is the targeted adaptation of the communication strategy to the culture of the target country. The translation experts at Smylingua pay close attention to your translations, so they make sure that the communication style is studied in detail to find the most appropriate advertising style for your company.   

Advantages of a tailor-made support service   

When you turn to a translation agency such as Smylingua, which specialises in digital technology, we offer you a comprehensive total solution. Experts will accompany you every step of the way from the beginning to the end of your project. With this in mind, Smylingua offers you personalised services to ensure the successful international expansion of your business. You will receive advice on all aspects of your project, and we will not only be at your disposal for the translation of your marketing campaigns but will also advise you on every step of your international expansion. Furthermore, we do not simply translate your documents word for word but transcribe them accordingly to the market you are targeting. The specificity of transcreating a work, mainly consists of a combination of translation and rewriting of advertising messages (website, e-mailing, flyers, brochures, etc.).   

>> For more information on this topic, please read our article about Transcreation   

Drive more traffic to your international website   

It is not easy to create a multilingual website to implement an effective marketing strategy. SEO experts working with professional translators are at your disposal to ensure good visibility of your website. Their main task is to create content that is search engine optimized and interesting for your target audience. Multilingual SEO editors and translators are at your disposal to keep you up to date with the latest developments in search engine algorithms. By aiming to increase traffic of your website, your chances of reaching prospects and potential partners increase dramatically.   

Stick to the deadlines   

When you contact the Smylingua translation agency, you can be sure that your documents will be delivered on time. For the handling of complex projects, Smylingua has a full team of translators who can be called in as back-up if necessary. On the other hand, a translator may be absent due to illness or otherwise. If this is the case, another professional will quickly replace him or her so that the translated documents are delivered on time.   

For further information, please contact us by e-mail at or call us directly on +33 1 76 43 32 76.


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